Identity Crisis

August 15, 2014

Native to much of Australia’s eastern seaboard, the Lilly Pilly family has had somewhat of an identity crisis, variously belonging to the Myrtus, Acmena, Waterhousea,¬†Eugenia and Syzygium families. Now considered Syzygium, the Lilly Pilly was an important part of the indigenous Australian¬†diet, producing pink, red and purple fruits varying in size from currants to apples, and rich in Vitamin C. A hardy choice for landscaping, its only shortcoming is a susceptibility to psyllid attack, a sap-sucking insect that disfigures the leaves. New hybrids claim to have psyllid resistance, and come in a host of forms, most with striking new foliage in shades of red, orange and pink. To learn more about the diverse produce of native Australia, click here.


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